Participating In Virtual Classes

Participating in class is a common struggle that students face. Some jump out of their seats to answer a question or share ideas, while others prefer to listen rather than insert themselves into a discussion. Virtual learning has brought new challenges to the forefront, with the added difficulties of getting a teacher’s attention, navigating the mute and unmute button, and being “spotlighted” when called on.

If your child is struggling with participating in virtual classes and needs some strategies for speaking up, try out these activities!

  1. Have “school conversations” often. To help your child become more comfortable speaking up in class, have frequent conversations with them that they might have in school. For example, ask them to explain one new thing they learned after a virtual class or review their homework with them out loud. Giving them opportunities to speak like they do in school will help your child gain confidence.

For children who are eager to share ideas, answer questions, and participate in class, try these activities to support your child in sharing the classroom space and being articulate and thoughtful in their responses.

  1. Encourage your child to write down their thoughts before they answer a teacher’s question or participate in discussion. Writing down a few bullet points or even just two or three key words will help them be more focused in their answer. The classic phrase “think before you speak” works not only with kindness, but articulation as well.

As you and your child work to improve their participation in virtual classes, remember that the saying is “practice makes progress,” not “practice makes perfect!”



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